Waste management

The business of waste management, oil and recycling is more connected than ever before.
There has never been a greater opportunity to transform your operations both in the way of thinking of waste as a “cost” and the possibilities of profit by recycling.
Our company VCGAS is an “start-to-end” service that helps you realize your strategic goals faster and with much better outcomes.

Our services reflect rock-solid consulting competencies that leverage our knowledge and project experience, enabling us to deliver engagements from end to end—from problem definition and requirements gathering necessary technology, to solutions for implementation and change management to post-project support.

Consulting services

We are a management consulting company, known by our customers as a partner that​provides experience, real value and results.

Energy recycling services

When used for some time the oil turns rancid and may give a bad smell and taste to the food.

Waste management

We deliver top of art technology recycling waste tires and end of life plastic for mixed input.